Smart City Dashboard

Monitor Every Activity Through One Window

Fast and accurate follow-up of a lot of different data can be performed on the operator cockpit. It provides a wide range of information from the occupancy rates of the hotels to the number of requests and complaints, the number of employees and the place of permission, the number of complaints. With voice command feature, without the need for any device, you can manage your panel with your voice.

Informations can be inspected with various types;

  • -Displayed graphics
  • -Detailed list of locations
  • -Locations on the map

  • -Close Circuit System Increase your data security, all processes on your own servers.
  • -A New Executive Experience A new experience with interactive interface and artificial intelligence.
  • -Fast and Flexible Integration Flexible structure that can be quickly installed in different databases and systems.
  • -Interactive Cockpit Interfaces With intelligent cockpit interface feature, you can now interact with your data..
  • -Authorization System Your screens are always safe with user authorization.
  • -Live Data Flow You can track the status of your region live without needing an update..

Thanks to the predictive module supported by artificial intelligence engine, the desired data is learned and the system for these data is predicted. For example, in the next year, the type of workplace licenses can be obtained, such as the duration of the permits can be provided.

Every detail about a region on social media is now under the control of the artificial intelligence engine. With the help of the text processing and learning algorithms, it is ensured that the sentiments about the municipality will be sent to the emotion analysis to prevent unwanted situations or to interact with the beautiful developments. For example, the license of a place that has a lot of complaints about company licenses can be re-evaluated or a retrospective mass analysis can be made about the enterprise during the renewal of the license.


AI Powered Executive Cockpit

With voice command feature, without the need for any device, you can manage your panel with your voice.


To keep up to date with your organization, you will be informed through continuous reports on your daily routine. However, thanks to the executive cockpit, you can directly observe the data from your organization's database.



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